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Banks - Calumet

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Bank Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail First National Bank of Calumet, Red Jacket, 5th Street. Pierce Arrow touring car. [Good photo of the sandstone bank. A woman window shops at the P. Ruppe & Sons store next door. The window has a display of umbrellas. The automobile is traveling on the brick paved road.]

Scanned: October 24, 2006

Buildings - Houghton

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Bank Buildings, Human Settlements, Transportation, Automotive Buildings - Houghton [Hall Building - Citizens National Bank Building. [Exterior view of the building as it looked around 1930? A billboard, sandwiched between two buildings, is advertising a movie or play, "Strongheart" and "The Love Master", could be a double feature ? A dentist office and the Law Offices of Galbraith and McCormick are above the bank. A building below the bank, on the hill, has a sign Morris & Company. According to the 1912 Polk Directory, they were meat packers located at 36 Dodge Street.]

Scanned: April 28, 2010

Cities and Towns - Laurium

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Bank Buildings, Transportation, Automotive Street scene - Laurium [View of downtown Laurium showing the Dutch Pantry , a bank and vintage automobiles.]

Scanned: June 1, 2006