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Bridges - Portage Lake Lift Bridge

Transportation, Bridges, Buildings, Transportation, Automotive Portage Lake Lift Bridge [Image of the completed bridge. The coal storage area of the Powerhouse building is still intact. The Hotel Scott complete with sign is also visible.]

Scanned: January 17, 2008


Sign and Signboards, Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive Bridges - Mackinac [Photo of the sign indicating the toll rates for crossing the Mackinac Bridge.]

Scanned: January 17, 2008

Bridges - Ontonagon

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees Ontonagon River Bridge near Victoria, Mich. [A vintage vehicle travels over the bridge.]

Scanned: January 17, 2008

Traffic - Portage Lake Bridge

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Cars stopped at Portage Lake Bridge, single file line up. [A number of vintage autos (some with rumble seats) are stopped on the bridge.]

Scanned: June 30, 2009

Accidents - Traffic

Accidents, Transportation, Automotive, Transportation, Bridges Traffic was stalled for 40 minutes at the Houghton County Bridge after 5:45 Thursday afternoon. It all started when a house trailer being towed by John A. Rich of Culver City, Calif., who was enroute to establish residence in Keweenaw County as a member of the Air Force, hit a Railway Express Truck being driven by Clyde Williams of Houghton. Rich was travelling north and Williams south. The left side of the trailer and the side mirror and left side of the truck were damaged. Rich was issued a court summons for obstructing traffic on the bridge. His trailer was too wide to permit two way traffic. Chief Joseph C. McGuire of the Houghton Police, who investigated the accident, today reminded persons having wide vehicles to contact his department for arrangements to be made for one way traffic across the bridge. [Image of the large mobile home being hauled by a pick up truck. The old Houghton High School can be seen in the photo.]

Scanned: November 21, 2007

Portage Lake Lift Bridge

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter Use Other Walk - This sign on the northeast side of the bridge is almost unnecessary these days with the Portage Lake area snowfall so great. This is the first year the walk has seen so much snow before Yule. [Traffic passes over the snow covered bridge. Houghton High School can be seen in the distance.]

Scanned: December 5, 2007

Copper Range Railroad - Ranger House

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Railroads, Transportation, Automotive This photo can no longer be snapped. This is the old Ranger house which was constructed to be the protective enclosure for the once opulent car of the Copper Range Railroad. It is now removed from the scene to make way for the Portage Lake Sewage Authority machinery. The Portage Lake Lift Bridge is shown in its building stage. [View of the bridge during construction.]

Scanned: March 24, 2009

Bridges - Portage Lake Lift Bridge

Transportation, Automotive, Transportation, Bridges, Repair work on the Portage Lake Lift Bridge had scores of cars at a standstill. The bridge is fed from three streets totalling four lanes from the Houghton side into just one lane while construction is in progress. The traffic jam held up motorists as long as a half hour at one time and lasted over a period of several hours. Cars were backed up through downtown Houghton as far as Franklin Square eight blocks away. Traffic from Hancock to Houghton flowed more freely. [Photo of numerous cars waiting to get across the bridge.]

Scanned: February 2, 2009


Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees Come the end of June and the motorists out of Arnheim and within the bounds of the Sturgeon River will be able to use a new bridge. The structure will be a prestressed I-beam type with a poured concrete deck. It will replace the current structure which is of the truss type. Here is the old structure which soon will be removed. [A car travels over the soon to be destroyed bridge.]

Scanned: January 20, 2009

Phoenix Mine

Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Transportation, Bridges Bridge and Bluff, Phoenix Mine [A vintage automobile crosses the bridge.]

Scanned: October 1, 2007